Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bin There Dump That?
Bin There Dump That is a leading dumpster rental service that's all about helping homeowners. We provide easy-to-use dumpsters for a wide range of projects, like home renovations, cleaning out junk, or getting rid of construction waste. Our goal is to make the process easy for you while keeping your property safe.
Why choose Bin There Dump That?
What sizes of dumpsters do you offer?
How does renting a dumpster work?
What's included in the rental price?
How long can I rent a dumpster?
What if I fill up the dumpster too much?
What if I need the dumpster longer?
When can I get a dumpster delivered?
Are there things I can't throw in the dumpster?
Do I need to be there when you deliver the dumpster?
How do I get started?